The quickest and easiest way to open a SpudsToGo Store is to purchase a License for your existing location.

If you currently offer jacket potatoes you will generate increased sales by offering a Branded product; a name that people recognise. SpudsToGo is that Brand.

Our market research has determined that people believe they know SpudsToGo even before they have purchased our products; such is the strength of our Brand. More information about the SpudsToGo Licensing System.

If you're ready to increase your sales or to generate new revenue get in touch.


Alternatively, you can express an interest by completing the PDF document (below) and sending it to SpudsToGo by Fax or email.

TEL 0131 581 9109 FAX 0131 202 0620

ADDRESS Summit House, 4-5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD


SpudsToGo ®  The Brand You Already Know ™

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