If you own a Café or other fast food restaurant and currently sell jacket (baked) potatoes or are thinking about expanding your range, then, SpudsToGo is a great way to sell more potatoes. Our market research has determined that people believe they know SpudsToGo even before they have been to one of our Stores or even purchased our products; such is the strength of our Brand.

Our Licensing System allows you to brand your products with SpudsToGo upon payment of an annual License fee. There are no royalties to pay; no advertising contributions; no other costs whatsoever. You may need to get a potato oven, packaging for take-away, and you may want some basic marketing tools like branded napkins, balloons, t-shirts, hats, aprons, etc., but these are optional.

SpudsToGo charges an Annual License fee which is £799.99 (including VAT at 20%) for a single location. Discounts are available for multiple locations within a single company operation.


If there is no Master Franchise within your country or territory, then you may consider that opportunity. 

If you're ready to increase your sales or to generate new revenue get in touch.


Alternatively, you can express an interest by completing the PDF document (below) and sending it to SpudsToGo by Fax or email.

TEL: 0730 814 5905 - FAX: 0131 202 0620

ADDRESS: 101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh EH2 3JG


SpudsToGo ®  The Brand You Already Know ™

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