Founded in 2005 in New York City, SpudsToGo ® arrived in the United Kingdom in February 2008 and quickly established the Brand by opening two shops in Scotland and licensing its name to companies in England, Wales and South Africa.

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SpudsToGo ® Licensing or Franchising, the choice is yours

The quickest and easiest way to open a SpudsToGo Store is to purchase a License for your existing location. If you currently offer jacket potatoes you will generate increased sales by offering a Branded product; a name that people recognise. SpudsToGo is that Brand. Our market research has determined that people believe they know SpudsToGo even before they have purchased our products; such is the strength of our Brand.

We're selective with franchise rights, however, we are open to discussing the granting of Master Franchise rights subject to agreement and depending on territory. Master Franchises are available subject to territory and subject to status. We generally grant country-wide Master Rights to well-funded companies, with a proven track record in fast food services. Master Franchises consist of an upfront franchise fee, ongoing quarterly royalties of 2 per cent and an additional 1 per cent for marketing (3 per cent total), based upon the audited gross sales of all Franchise activities. Reliance is weighted and conditional upon credible corporate governance. Download Overview (PDF)

SpudsToGo ® is a registered trademark and is owned by Mayside Partners Limited.

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