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Tuna & Sweet Corn Indian Style Corn Salad Chicken Tikka Potato Salad (with Cucumber) Butter (Plain) Cheese & Beans (with butter)

SpudsToGo will never stray from its core principal value to provide fresh food fast. We value People and Products. Whether it's our delicious potatoes packed full of freshness and crowned with any of our yummy toppings or one of our other scrumptious SpudsToGo dishes, we promise to deliver on that commitment to you... our customer.

W H A T    W E    D O

SpudsToGo is a name you and your customers will remember and one you can trust. The owners of the SpudsToGo System jealously protect their brand and do not hesitate to pursue trademark violations and violators to the fullest extext of the Law. For a complete list of all SpudsToGo tradekarks click here.

SpudsToGo is a well-known global brand. We license that brand for a fee, usually packaged together with Fruit 'n' Smoothie ™, along with our other trademarks to entrepreneurs who understand the power of branding and who want to capitalise on this exciting opportunity. Several different opportunities exist including Master Licenses, Stores and Mobile Units.

W H O   W E   A R E

W H Y   C H O O S E   U S